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City status public engagement - share your views and ideas

Like other towns across the UK, Wrexham has an opportunity to showcase its heritage - as well as the people and places that make it so unique -  by applying for city status as part of the Queens Platinum Jubilee 2022 competition.

City status is rooted in community participation and 'placemaking', which inspires people to collectively reimagine and reinvent where they live, work, or visit and encourages people to look afresh at the potential of their area.

Potential Socio-Economic Impacts of the Award of City Status

Exploring the benefits

The discussion around city status in Wrexham has initially focused on identifying any economic benefits or disadvantages in becoming a city.

However, in looking into this further, it's clear there is very little published research on this - making it difficult to draw any conclusions.

Being a city is not about changing the name and identity of Wrexham, but increasing the opportunities that being a city can bring for 'Wrexham as a city'.

Wrexham County Borough Council has asked independent economic experts to develop with partners and stakeholders a place based strategy that includes as one element examining the economic impacts of city status for towns and cities of a similar size and character to Wrexham

The findings show that towns that became cities experienced economic growth, and new cities that prepared plans and strategies have also managed to use their new status as a platform to promote investment and raise levels of ambition.

Although the award of city status on its own is no guarantee of economic growth, it provides local institutions, universities and colleges, industrial clusters, and key economic sectors with the opportunity to use city status to raise their profile.

Your opportunity

Wrexham Council is currently exploring the idea of applying for city status in December 2021, but wants to gather people's views and ideas before making a decision.

This consultation is your opportunity to say what makes you and the local community, businesses and wider stakeholders feel proud of Wrexham and how you would like to see the area grow its profile, increase prosperity, and create a stronger sense of place.

You have until Friday 29th October to contribute your views and ideas.

You can view the Government's City Status background information and application form here.

What makes a city?

The key criteria for a successful application is the ability to prove the town/area deserves the award by demonstrating:

  • Distinct identity;
  • Civic pride;
  • Cultural infrastructure, interesting heritage, history and traditions;
  • Vibrant and welcoming community;
  • Record of innovation;
  • Sound governance and administration;
  • Associations with Royalty;
  • Residents or communities who have made widely recognised significant contributions to society and cultural infrastructure.

Please complete our short questionnaire and also use the interactive map to post photographs and identify the features that give the best impression of Wrexham

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Consultation begins

18th October 2021

Consultation closes

29th October 2021

Wrexham CBC decision

9th November 2021

City Status submission

8th December 2021